Veterinarian Line

Our Vet Line was exclusively compounded for vets by vets. The line contains all the same 100% natural ingredients that our consumer line has but with higher dosage amounts to better help our friends with more serious illness, injuries, pain and anxiety.

If you are a veterinarian and would like to carry our products, or have questions, please contact us at  


If you would like to create an account to view more information about our products, please click below to set up an online account for veterinarians. We'll respond asking for the necessary info to vet (no pun intended!) your business.

Pet Oral Drops For Cats, Dogs & Horses

We offer our pet oral drops formulated specifically for our four legged friends. All products are made using human grade, non GMO, all natural ingredients. Bottles come with marked droppers for ease of dosing.

Beef Flavour

Apawthecary is committed to researching and developing only the finest pet treat products using all natural ingredients. We source organic wherever we can and take pride in providing your pet with the very best possible treats available.


Our treats are for overall health benefits - ranging from pain to calming. Our proprietary blend of plant-based ingredients, rich in nutrients, have been around for thousands of years and have been used throughout history to maintain overall wellness in humans and animals.

Pet Treats

Pet Paw Protection

!00% All Natural Organic Pet Paw Protection Wax 

Prevent damage to paws and help condition them with Apawthecary’s Paw Protection. Comes in wax form and provides protection even in the most extreme conditions. Perfect for dogs who don't like boots on their feet!

Before taking your dog outside, spread a thin layer on their pads and between their toes. You can use your fingers, or rub the stick directly onto their paws. Always remember to wipe your dog's paws after being outside on snow or ice.

Pet Salves

Hot Spot, Sniffer and Wrinkles

Apawthecary has your whole pet in mind with our pet salves - from nose to tail.

Wrinkles is an all-natural face cream specially formulated to treat & prevent skin fold disease, infection & discomfort.  For treating & preventing: skin fold dermatitis, yeast & bacterial infections, redness, chaffing, inflammation, crusty buildup, sores, pimples, scabbing, interdigital cysts, itchy, flaky skin, hair loss, baldness, unpleasant odour.


Hot Spot is an all-natural salve specially formulated to treat hot spots. Hot spots are essentially an immune-mediated response of the skin. They appear as red, moist, irritated, sometimes oozy skin lesions.


Sniffer Salve is an all-natural salve specially formulated to treat crusty and damaged noses. May heal crusty, dry, cracked, chapped, even bleeding dog noses. Our cream for dog’s noses is a synergistic, perfect blend of nourishing, healing and moisturizing ingredients. Sniffer Salve can be applied to a dog’s nose to treat painful cracking and dryness as well as a preventative with its natural sunscreen elements.

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