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I have used hemp oral drops for my dog, from Apawthecary Pets, for a year now.  It is the best decision I ever made for my senior dog and has given him back his quality of life.  The staff was available to help answer any questions while I was considering hemp as an alternative to pharmaceuticals.  They were supportive, non-judgemental, and extremely knowledgeable (as a side note, my vet said if I were to do some research on my own, they would recommend Apawthecary to start with). I did and never looked back.  


I then came across DOGsAGE, who sells the Apawthecary product.  Given DOGsAge is local to me, I phoned Apawthecary to ask about this supplier.  Apawthecary fully supported me going ahead and buying from a smaller business owner.  Laura from DOGsAGE was just as attentive and eager to learn about my dog as Apawthecary was.  I ordered my product and had it within a day and a half, with some additional samples to try.  It was hand-wrapped and tied with twine with a personal note to my dog.  It's one thing to have good quality products but and then to have the personal compassion and care on top of it - this just doesn't happen anymore.  Thank you to the staff at Apawthecary Pets and to Laura at DOGsAGE for the care you give to your customers.

Cooper & Tricia


Just as a follow up letter to let you know that your product is awesome pawsome!! We have settled on the dosage of 0.5ml and it is working great. She is doing really well with the asthma, just a few bouts now and then(but it is springtime). I am so happy I found the unflavored one as she seems to take that better than anything flavored. :-) As with any pet parent I was hesitant to start with a new product when we had finally found something that would work for her. But getting on to your product was better than expected.

(Note: The drops are not the only things she is taking for asthma. I just don't want to mislead anyone. She still takes prednisolone and theophylline, but I was able to really back down on the prednisolone which was the real bonus - to be able to cut back at least half on the steroids. I actually had weaned her down to almost nothing but had to up it again and she has major gastric issues. Not one thing but another. *sigh* Poor kitty.)


Thank you!

Sandy & Frankie

We just wanted to thank you so much for helping us get the correct dose to start Rosie off.

Rosie is already feeling much better. She is thanking us often by licking us and wagging her tail (this is new). Her mood and energy level is much improved and her great big toothy smile is adorable and also new.


It’s so touching to watch the improvement and to know we could help. She is such a good friend we don’t want to see her suffer needlessly.

Many thanks for taking the time. 


We love this product.

Rosie, Brenda & Virgil


This is Stitch the llama. He is a 4H llama and a TV star who lives on a farm in Maple Ridge, BC with his llama buds Finn and Pickles. Stitch's family noticed that he developed a case of 'bare nose' over the winter. This is due to a combination of winter dryness and from a llama tunneling down deep in their hay feeder to get at the more tender hay bits. It causes the bridge of their nose to lose all its hair and get raw and sore. Stitch's family started applying Apawthecary Pet's Hot Spot salve to his nose. The salve kept the skin supple and moisturized and his hair grew back too! We now keep a tin of Hot Spot Salve in our 4H Club's first aid kit!

Stitch & Merilee


We have a 10 year old German Pinscher named Bailey who has major separation anxiety, which
she has had since her older sister passed away suddenly 5 years ago. And 3 years ago, we went
on vacation and came home with 2 new family members – sisters – Oreo & Tequila. They were
about 3 months old and unfortunately came home with a tick bite which made them both quite
sick, and subsequently gave them an involuntary muscular twitch called myoclonus. Oreo’s
twitch was the worst out of the 2 – giving her limitations as to what she could physically do.
Tequila has a much milder twitch, but mostly for her she has super high anxiety and is very
scared of people and animals that she does not know. Our neighbour suggested we try the cookies and within 1 month we saw huge improvements in all 3 girls. Oreo who needed a step
stool in order to jump onto the couch could now jump straight up. Tequila and Bailey were also
a lot better with their anxiety. They love the cookies... our routine is 1 cookie each after their
morning walk and 1 cookie each after their bedtime walk. They wait excitedly to get their
cookies too! We have also tried the unflavoured Pet Oral drops – 300 mg too. It works great to
add directly onto their food. We highly recommend their products

Leanne, Jason, Tequila, Oreo & Bailey


I am a repeat customer and love your products! They have helped my 12-year-old terrier feel like a brand new dog. She’s happy, social and more alert than ever. I truly believe she has come out of her shell and lost nearly all of her anxiety due to her daily hemp oil dose. I have been singing the praises of your company for a few years, and have several people that have asked me for product recommendations so their pets can experience the same life-changing benefits that mine have.

Thank you!

Myra & Alanna


I recently purchased some of your products and I have to say I am so happy with them. I have two Pitbulls. Mason is 6 years and has been developing some arthritis. He has noticeably slowed down in the last year or so. 


My other one is Sadee. We just adopted from the SPCA less than a year ago. She has a very rough history and has gone through a lot in her short life. She is the sweetest dog anyone could as for. She does struggle with separation anxiety. In September of last year, we noticed her getting hives. We tried everything, food changes, changing laundry soap, steroids, Benadryl and reaching out to dermatologists. We also tried managing her anxiety with medications from the vet, behaviorists, and other products. Nothing seemed to be working. It was awful to watch, she would get so itchy and pace around the house, often she had sleepless nights. It was definitely putting stress on the household. 


Last weekend at the Pet lovers show is when my husband and I purchased a bottle of your oil and a bag of treats. Both my dogs have been on it since, Mason has so much more energy and is being so playful again. Sadee has NO HIVES! We've been struggling with this since September of last year and spending so much money on vet bills and other products. I can see a huge difference in her, she's so much more happy and comfortable. We got very emotional the first day without hives. 


They love the oil and treats, they take it with no issues. So much better then having to pill them with medications. 


Thank you so much, we are so happy with this product and will be recommending it to everyone. 

Sadee, Mason & Ami


I see an improvement in Sophie, my snow-loving dog!  More bounce in her step and her appetite seems improved...less finicky.  This product really has amazing results on my 17-year-old Schnauzer!  

We all thank you

Sophie, Tracy & Glenn


I just thought I'd give you an update on Maverick. He has been great these last 3 1/2 weeks with no whimpering when he gets up and we have actually increased pace when we go for our walks.

Maverick & Terry


Our senior princess Chloe had very sore, weak back legs. She now can run and play with our 2 young dogs again!! Its been truly life changing for our family. Thank you again

Chloe & Kelly


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