What People Are Saying About Us

I have used hemp oral drops for my dog, from Apawthecary Pets, for a year now.  It is the best decision I ever made for my senior dog and has given him back his quality of life.  The staff was available to help answer any questions while I was considering hemp as an alternative to pharmaceuticals.  They were supportive, non-judgemental, and extremely knowledgeable (as a side note, my vet said if I were to do some research on my own, they would recommend Apawthecary to start with). I did and never looked back.  


I then came across DOGsAGE, who sells the Apawthecary product.  Given DOGsAge is local to me, I phoned Apawthecary to ask about this supplier.  Apawthecary fully supported me going ahead and buying from a smaller business owner.  Laura from DOGsAGE was just as attentive and eager to learn about my dog as Apawthecary was.  I ordered my product and had it within a day and a half, with some additional samples to try.  It was hand-wrapped and tied with twine with a personal note to my dog.  It's one thing to have good quality products but and then to have the personal compassion and care on top of it - this just doesn't happen anymore.  Thank you to the staff at Apawthecary Pets and to Laura at DOGsAGE for the care you give to your customers.

Cooper & Tricia


Just as a follow up letter to let you know that your product is awesome pawsome!! We have settled on the dosage of 0.5ml and it is working great. She is doing really well with the asthma, just a few bouts now and then(but it is springtime). I am so happy I found the unflavored one as she seems to take that better than anything flavored. :-) As with any pet parent I was hesitant to start with a new product when we had finally found something that would work for her. But getting on to your product was better than expected.

(Note: The drops are not the only things she is taking for asthma. I just don't want to mislead anyone. She still takes prednisolone and theophylline, but I was able to really back down on the prednisolone which was the real bonus - to be able to cut back at least half on the steroids. I actually had weaned her down to almost nothing but had to up it again and she has major gastric issues. Not one thing but another. *sigh* Poor kitty.)


Thank you!

Sandy & Frankie