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Apawthecary Pets

Vancouver, BC



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What People Are Saying About Us

February 03, 2020

I see an improvement in Sophie, my snow-loving dog!  More bounce in her step and her appetite seems improved...less finicky.  This product really has amazing results on my 17-year-old Schnauzer!  

We all thank you

Sophie, Tracy & Glenn


January 31, 2020

I just thought I'd give you an update on Maverick. He has been great these last 3 1/2 weeks with no whimpering when he gets up and we have actually increased pace when we go for our walks.

Maverick & Terry


January 28, 2020

Our senior princess Chloe had very sore, weak back legs. She now can run and play with our 2 young dogs again!! Its been truly life changing for our family. Thank you again

Chloe & Kelly


January 22, 2020

My chug Cocoa, who is 16.5 yrs old, has been on the 300mg Bacon flavoured hemp terpenes for over a year now and WOW! I can honestly say my pup would not still be with us if it wasn't for these drops. At one point during his treatment, I ran out and switched brands out of convenience and let me tell you, all products are NOT the same at all. I had him on the other brand for 3 weeks before I couldn't take it any longer. His dementia symptoms had come back and he wasn't running and bouncing like he usually is. Within 4 days of switching back to these, (yes 4 days!!!) his symptoms had all subsided and it was if he went from 16 to 10 overnight. The next day he was zooming through the house. I've attached a video to show him just a week ago bouncing through the snow. I would also like to thank your customer service team for being so knowledgeable about your products! Thank you for such amazing, quality products and for caring about our furbabies ♥️

Cocoa & Maureen


January 09, 2020

Milo, our Shitzu/Yorky cross which weighs 17 lbs, gets one of Apawthecary dog treats day after his morning walk and loves it.

Milo & Karl


December 11, 2019

I just wanted to say thank you for helping our 10 year old cocker spaniel, Ben, get more mobile. We started Ben on the medication for pain and anxiety after he had a ligament tear. Within a very short time he has been able to get up on the sofa by himself and is chasing squirrels again. Although he has a slight limp now, he is as mobile as a puppy.

Ben & Janice


November 15, 2019

Hello there. I just want to reaffirm how well your product works for my 15 year old girl with bad hips and a bum knee.  It has definitely improved our lives!!