Cats, believe it or not, can tolerate more oil, mg per kg, than a dog as their systems are that much faster. 


We recommend cats start with the 120mg bottle and administer 1/8 - 1/4 of the dropper full, twice a day. When dealing with anxiety, let's try starting with 1/8 of the dropper,  we can then increase if we need to. If your cat is in pain, it would be best to start with 1/4 of the dropper. After giving them the oil, watch for signs of improvement.  


Improvement: On day 4 you can drop the dosage down to once a day for another few days.  In another 4-5 days, drop the dosage to every 2-3 days. You'll know if you need to continue with the once a day dosage or if once every few days or if once a week is enough for your pet. 


No improvement: Raise the level by 1/8 dropper and give once a day, for another 3 days.  If still no change, increase by another 1/8 dropper and again monitor. Continue slowly raising until the required results are present.  


The dosage will differ with each cat. Some cats need the drops once a day, some every 2-3 days, and some are good with once a week. No one knows you fur baby as you do and you'll know how often you'll need to give it to them.


Note: Keep an eye on your cat to make sure they are tolerating it well. Occasionally cats will get diarrhea due to the coconut oil as it may be too rich for them. This side effect will stop after a few days.  If required, lower the dosage until it does pass. Their stool should return to normal in 1 or 2 days.

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