About Us

A family-based company created for the love of our pets.

Proudly Canadian
Handmade in made in BC

Just some of the animals we have helped over the years!


Our company was founded accidentally, when like-minded animal lovers, and good friends, came together.  We wanted to create a healthy alternative for our fur babies in place of the nasty preservative-filled treats available in the stores. After all, pets are family members too and we don’t feed our human babies these unnatural foods, do we? We researched healthy adaptogens and came upon hemp, a true super food!  We were excited about the numerous benefits to not only the body, but coats and skin as well.  We played around in our home kitchens, adding as much hemp ingredients as possible, until we found a tasty beneficial treat that our pups liked. 


We took our treats to our local dog park, our daily hangout spot, and let others try them. They were a resounding success!  Not only did our "pack" love them, but when people took more home to try, pet parents were seeing numerous improvements. Many saw a reduction in anxiety, increased energy, softer and healthier coats, allergies seemed diminished, arthritic dogs could move easier, sprains and fractures seemed to heal faster, and pain appeared to melt away. 


Soon other friends and neighbors saw the improvements, along with the improved general well-being of these "test" dogs and wanted the same for their own babies.  More and more people requested our treats.  We would spend entire weekends making the treats, pulling in as many family members and friends as we could to help, and held treat making parties.  We would be so excited when we made 50 bags in a weekend, hand-rolling and cutting each treat.  Then we'd get orders for 75 bags, and cry, lol.  Guess what we were doing the following weekend?



We outgrew our kitchens and moved into a new 2800 square foot

commercial kitchen.  We hired many of our dog park friends (who still are with us today) and started a “real” business.  We reached out, globally, to veterinarians and food scientists to help us make the treats stable, purchased equipment, and grew our line. We formulated and manufactured our drops so we could offer a more cost-efficient route to consumers plus, more importantly, we could concentrate the bottles allowing for precise dosing. Soon thereafter we created our salves and have just introduced a product for cats, “Kitty Krumble”.


We continue to research and update our line, always following our steadfast rule that any product MUST be safe for human consumption and usage. A great example is our dog treats which contain vitamin E and cinnamon as the only preservatives.  


We were the first to introduce MCT oil (fractionated coconut oil) as a carrier oil for our drops.  Our research showed that it not only offered the longest shelf life of most other oils but also had many other health benefits such as improving energy, can boost the immune system, improves skin and coat, can support nutrient absorption, can aid in digestion.  MCT oil can also regulate insulin levels and is usually safe for dogs with pancreatitis. We always ensure we are offering the best for your furry family members.  After all, our own pets use our products daily.



From the beginning, customer service was important to us and to this day it is what sets us apart.  We are always here to help answer questions, guide with dosing, and offer support in any way we can.  From our home kitchens to our newest 7000 sq. foot GMP certified commercial kitchen, we will always be here for animals and their pet parents. 



We are extremely proud of what we have accomplished so far and are very excited for what our future holds.  We will continue to strive to be among the best and fulfill our pledge to support each other, our loyal customers, our store partners, and our amazing veterinarians.  Above all else, we will continue to do all we can for each and every fur baby!

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Apawthecary Pets

Vancouver, BC



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